8145 Ramsey Road, Hayden, ID 83835

(208) 762-7600 [email protected]


What are your gatherings like?

Our worship gatherings are casual, relational, and Christ-centered. Our gatherings are also designed with you in mind. Each worship service includes prayer, music and preaching. Most services have other elements such as testimonies, mission moments, scripture reading, drama, special music, etc. Our worship music combines the contemporary music you hear on Christian radio with traditional hymns you might remember from your youth. The preaching is based solely on scripture. Our hope is to worship Christ and reveal his word as passionately and truthfully as possible and to do it in a way that is relevant to our culture.

What about childcare?

We have nursery and children’s ministry facilities and programming for children up to 5th grade. (Older children and youth are encouraged to participate in our large group gathering) Your children will be taught God’s Word in a fun, clean, safe and friendly environment.

Will I have to do anything, say anything, or be embarrassed in any way?

At NorthStar Church, you can rest assured that you will never be put on the spot, never singled-out, and never embarrassed in any way. You can choose to simply blend in with the crowd and check things out or you may feel free to participate fully in the life of our church.

What kind of church is NorthStar Church?

We are deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Bible and the Christian faith. The Christian life is a journey and is not meant to be traveled alone. We need each other to learn and grow. Northstar Church is the kind of church where people can walk together on their Christian journey. If you are perfect…NorthStar is NOT for you! We are a church filled with real people, who have real problems. We all have hurts, habits and hangups, but NorthStar is a church that believes in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to meet us in the midst of those problems.

What denomination is NorthStar Church?

NorthStar Church voluntarily affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). You might wonder why not just be an independent church? We ARE an independent church! The SBC has no denominational control or hierarchy, as there is in many other denominations. Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs. The reasons that we affiliate with the SBC are so that we can identify ourselves with other Christians around the world who are known for their commitment to the Bible and so that we can participate in missions with the SBC. The SBC represents over 42,000 churches that worship in dozens of different languages all over North America. Currently, we help support over 10,000 missionaries in 153 countries around the world.

Why the name, NorthStar?

For Centuries, Polaris, better known as “The North Star” has helped wayward seafarers find direction and has guided mariners around the world safely to their destinations. In the same way, NorthStar Church exists to help people discover life’s true direction….A life connected to God. A life filled with peace and contentment. Check out our Vision, our Values, and our Philosophy…then check out NorthStar Baptist Church for yourself.

Discover Your True Life Direction!